High-K Media in Prairie Village, KS is the production arm for Hillcrest Covenant Church. This ministry was founded in November, 2008 by Sandy Thailing, Director of Media Technology.

High-K refers to a process in silicon chip manufacturing pioneered by Intel that “solves the chip power problem.”

“To build next-generation transistors, Intel is working with new materials that show promise for replacing the silicon dioxide gate dielectric—where continued thinning makes it increasingly difficult to control current leakage. This thicker class of materials, known as "high-k," will replace today's silicon dioxide technology and then provide extendibility over several generations.”

"High-k" stands for high dielectric constant, a measure of how much charge a material can hold. Different materials similarly have different abilities to hold charge. Imagine a sponge, which can hold a great deal of water; wood, which can hold less; and glass, which can hold none at all. Air is the reference point for this constant and has a "k" of one. "High-k" materials, such as hafnium dioxide (HfO2), zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) and titanium dioxide (TiO2) inherently have a dielectric constant or "k" above 3.9, the "k" of silicon dioxide.”

“The dielectric constant also relates directly to transistor performance. The higher "k" increases the transistor capacitance so that the transistor can switch properly between and "on" and "off" (WMV 9.5MB) states, with very low current when off yet very high current when on.”

“After years of research, Intel identified the right high-k material and the right type of gate electrode materials to achieve record performance for both NMOS and PMOS technologies. By moving to a new high-k material, Intel was able to keep the drive current at the same level as with older materials—and overcome the leakage.”

So, you ask, that’s a lot to digest, how does this relate to media production and Hillcrest Covenant Church? Simply put, imagine ourselves as sponges, thirsty for the “material” or spirit that God infuses in us. High-K Media tries to drive that current, that transistor, that silicon chip, and present the “material” in meaningful and relevant ways that get us closer to the Mission of Christ.

More on High-K materials and technology at Intel.